How to contact Rufus & Cleo's

Special Events Station:

W4W "Washington Four Wheeling"

Cle Elum - Wenatchee Mountains

Washington State

To celebrate the great outdoors and beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest, chief operator Jim Wilmerding, W2EMT, will conduct daily QSO's on the frequencies and times suggested below in addition to other times.

+ School groups and individuals may pre-schedule contacts via e-mail in advance to

+ Stations may also just "drop-in" on the frequency w/o advance scheduling.

+ Pre-scheduled QSO's will be given preference in order & duration of contact.

+ When all scheduled contacts for a session have been completed - random QSO's will be attempted depending upon time and conditions permitting.

+ Classrooms & educators are encouraged to make multiple contacts but "first-timers" will be given preference each day.

Listen for Station "W4W" on the following bands - conditions permitting

28.350+- -----------------------------------------------------------1900utc

24.950+- ------------------------------------------------------------1800utc

21.350+ - ----------------------------------------------------------2200utc

18.150 + - ---------------------------------------------------------2100utc

14.275+- ----------------------------------------------------------2000utc

SCHEDULE UPDATES: Click here daily for operation updates & schedule changes


TRANSCEIVERS: Yaesu FT-817 HF 5watt Transceiver -- Icom TM-G707A VHF/UHF 50 watt Transceiver - Yaesu FT-11 VHF handie talkie

ANTENNAS: 45' - DX 17 meter Half Square wire antenna & G5RV multiband HF antenna and Hamsticks for mobile use.

8x10 inch Color QSL & SWL Certificates - SASE - P. O. Box 534, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662


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Jim Wilmerding M.Ed.,EMT-I

Andrew Wilmerding, BS