Event will begin July 14, 2001


Welcome to all those schools already utilizing this wonderful hobby in your classrooms! An equally hearty welcome to those of you who have yet to experience this unique educational tool. During our 4-wheeling across the mountains of Washington State, plan  we on conducting  daily QSO's (two-way radio contacts) on a number of radio frequencies sharing our real-time journey and adventures. For this special event, we are adding an additional challenge: QRP (low power) - so our contacts will be even more rewarding.

As you will learn below, there are many ways in which you can participate even if you do not have a "ham radio" station set up in your classroom. Please contact us at if you would like information about developing such a program for your school. You may also contact The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Education Department directly at ARRL. Rosalie White, WA1TSO, The Educational Coordinator, would be happy to help you.

Now is the best time to search around your community to see if you can locate a "ham radio" operator who could help your school set up a portable station for this project. There are a couple 100,000 of us around!!

For those schools without "ham radio" access: Listen for TEAM LAB-ROVER over a general coverage "shortwave" radio tuning into the frequencies at the times posted.

1)Try listening to our conversations on a "shortwave" radio receiver. You can find plenty of introductory information about this part of our hobby at these sites: http:/www./ &

2)At these sites, you can actually tune-in a "shortwave" radio receiver right on the Internet!! We will be posting the frequencies we will be talking on and you can just dial us right in and listen to our conversations at Chilton Radio & RA Labs

3) If you hear us - let us know by e-mail and we will send you and your school a special SWL (shortwave listening) card.

For those schools with "ham radio" access: CLICK HERE


TRANSCEIVERS: Yaesu FT- 817 HF 5 watt Transceiver Icom TM-G707A 144/440 50 watt Transceiver - Yaesu FT11 VHF 5 watt Handie Talkie

ANTENNAS: 12-17-15-20m Hamsticks - Maxrad 144/440 & 6 meter Mobile Antennas w/ MNO mount

COMPUTERS & DATA: MAC Powerbook; IBM 600x PC Laptop

MISC: Mini-M Satellite Telephone - Cellular Telephone - CB Radio - FSR Radios - Astron 20 amp. AC power supply - Cherokee 1500 watt AC/DC Inverter - Garmin III+ GPS w/Maxrad external antenna...and of course plenty of music CD's (from Willie to Grateful Dead!!)

We were fortunate to have support from a great group of corporate sponsors - Please take a moment to learn about them and their products on the Sponsor Page at Without this kind of participation these kinds of  operations  would not have been possible. THANK YOU!!!


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