When you're the one writing the web page you have the ultimate say on how you present yourself. That being said, I hope no one takes this as seriously as I might make it sound.

I am a commercial photographer in Portland, Oregon and have been shooting here for about 5 years. I have a BA from Utah State University where I studied photojournalism under Nelson Wadsworth and then changed my major and studied fine-art photography under Craig Law. Had I not studied both disciplines I would not be the photographer I am today. Not only did they teach me how to interpret the world I see, they also taught me the finer points of being a decent human being.

I have photographed around the world for major newspapers, magazines and news agencies and now I photograph commercially for corporations and magazines.

My off-roading experience started way back when my father purchased a VW Westfalia and I blew up the motor in it off-roading. Bought another. Blew the motor up in that one too. I went through three Isusu Troopers before realizing I needed something more substantial and purchased my first Land Rover, a 1966 88 inch Station Wagon.

I got married, had a son, and we soon decided a shortwheelbase Rover was not the best for us, and the quest for a 109 wagon ensued. We found one in Washington and purchased it, slowly upgrading it to a pretty decent (but not so great off-roading) example.

The heater core blew a pinhole leak and we had the heater cranked during a monsoon here in Portland. My wife, son and I were negotiating the narrow streets of North Portland one night and I was frantically trying to clean the windows and drive at the same time. My wife thought we were driving a deathtrap (and it may not have been far from the truth). That evening marked the beginning of the end.

The windows were covered with antifreeze condensation, and my wife looked over at me and with the fateful words said, "I hate your car." I had an idea she spoke those words in a moment of passion, but I knew the days of the 109 were numbered. All I could do was to look back at her and answer feebly, "I know."

The quest for the replacement ensued, and not wanting to spend 35 grand on a 110, we found a really nice 1990 Range Rover County. I've slowly upgraded almost everything I could think of, and actually am really pleased with how the whole truck has turned out.

The 'vehicles' link explains more fully what I've done to it, and you can go there to check out the whackiness.

I hope you enjoy the site. It's a lot of work preparing for the trip *and* the webpage together, but it will definitely be worth it.