Rufus is a two year old neutered male Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He weighs about 98lb!! and was the MONSTER of the litter. Rufus came home in April of 1997. He came into my life because I felt badly leaving Cleo at home all by herself all day while I went to work. When I started looking for another Lab, I knew that I wanted a male and a Chocolate. I found Rufus in Long View, Washington.

We came home to meet Cleo and get use to the new life he was about to begin. At first Cleo was thinking OK, this is cool BUT she then keep looking at me with that look that said "…is he REALLY here to stay?" All I could do is tell Cleo that yes, he was here for good. It didn't take long for the two of them to become the best of pals.

When Rufus was a pup he was pretty wild. The most destructive thing that he did was chew the shingles off the side of my house! Talking about BAD breath!! This - to say the least - was not cool. There was a slight moment, after looking at all the damage, that told me - maybe I was in over my head. Well, there was just no way that I could give him up now - I had already fallen in love. So, he is still around and now behaving like a good boy!

Rufus has been given a few nicknames depending upon his mood. For example, if he is just goofing around (like most of the time) he is the "Rufus the Dufus". He also likes being called "Crazy Cartoon Dog." This name was given to him by a good friend who use to live with Rufus. When he gets into one of his funny moods he puts his big ears back, his eyes pop out and he starts running around inside almost like a gallop. Think about 100 pounds of doggie zooming around your living room!!

Rufus is ALL fun and is HUGE and strong. He loves to meet new people and visit places. Cleo lets him sit in the backseat with her IF he behaves. The funniest thing that he does is play in the snow. He drops to the ground and just starts rolling around almost like he is swimming. It is pretty nutty!
Rufus loves to wade in the water but does not really enjoy swimming like Cleo. - too much exercise he thinks!( though he does know how so we are not worried about his safety around water) This is because when he was a puppy and fearless he made a jump into a pond without ever having been around water. He learned pretty fast!

Rufus has not traveled quite as much as Cleo but he has still logged a good many miles crossing the country twice and taking numerous trips up and down the West Coast.