2005 Land Rover National Rally
Leadville, Colorado  —  July 27-30, 2005

Jim will be operating Amateur Radio Special Events station "W7R-Whiskey 7 Rover"

Jim and Andrew's daily camera phone updates.

Daily Trail Directions

Trail Thursday, July 28: Hagerman Pass Trail

Beginning Elevation: 10,200 Feet - Jct. Cty 4 & FDR 105
High Point: 11,950 Feet - Hagerman Pass
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Length, One way: 17.8 Miles to Lily Pad Lake
USGS Quads: Homestake Reservoir

Go west out of Leadville on Lake Cty. 4, generally following the old Colorado Midland Railroad grade, 8 miles to FDR 105. Go left on 105.

Trail Description:
Hagerman Pass Trail starts out on the south side of Turquoise Lake (elevation 9885'). The trail follows the old Colorado Midland Railroad grade to the sealed entrance of the Carlton Tunnel. Opened in 1893 and originally called the Busk-Ivanhoe Tunnel, it is 9,394' long at an elevation of 10,953', and was constructed by the Busk Tunnel Railway Co. It gave the railroad a lower, more direct route than the circuitous 1887 route up through the 2060' long Hagerman Tunnel 500' higher. The Carlton Tunnel was opened to auto traffic in 1922, but closed again in 1943. Another mile up the road, the old railroad grade leaves the road on its way to Hagerman Tunnel. At this point, the road starts to climb steeper to Hagerman Pass (elevation 11,975). the trail here crosses the Continental Divide separating the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean drainages.

Heading down the back side of the Pass there will be a view of Ivanhoe Lake and Lily Pad Lake. Farther down the hill the trail will cross Lyle Creek, a wide but not too deep water crossing. At this point, depending on time available, take FDR 527 to Ivanhoe Lake (1.7 miles) and Lily Pad Lake (6.25 miles) following old railway grades.

This trail is suitable for stock Land Rovers. It is rocky in places and undercarriage scrapes are possible if not paying attention to the trail. There are some tight areas where willows could possibly leave some paint scrapes ("trail pinstripes").

Trail Friday, July 29: Chalk Mountain & Buckeye Gulch Trails

Beginning Elevation: 10,160 Feet - Foot of Buckeye Gulch
High Point: 12,000 Feet - Chalk Mountain
Difficulty: Moderate
Length, One way: 4 Miles
USGS Quads: Climax

Drive north out of Leadville approximately 4 miles from the junction of CO 91 & US 24, on CO 91 toward Fremont Pass. For Buckeye Gulch, turn left on FDR 137. For Chalk Creek, continue northeast on CO 91 another 4 miles to a left turn onto FDR 134.

Trail Description:
Buckeye Gulch travels along two different creek drainages, which include meadows with wildflowers and great views of the Mosquito Range to the south. Chalk Mountain traverses varied terrain, including forest, meadows and alpine tundra. From the top of Chalk Mountain, which sits on the Continental Divide, there are impressive views of the operations at the Climax molybdenum mine, as well as the surrounding mountain ranges. You can also check out the observatory ruins. On the way back down, a side trip runs along a ditch diverting water to the mine and has more awesome scenery.

Trail Saturday, July 30: Mount Princeton Trail

Beginning Elevation: 8,600 Feet - Jct. Chaffee City Rds 321 & 322
High Point: 12,150 Feet - End of road
Difficulty: Moderate
Length, One way: 6.3 Miles
USGS Quads: Mount Antero

South on US 24 40 miles (45 minutes) to Nathrop. West on Cty 162. At about 4.4 miles up 162 (15 minutes), just before reaching the Mount Princeton Hot Springs, watch for Chaffee Cty 321 taking off to the left. Follow this 1.3 miles to a left onto Chaffee Cty 322. Follow this past the Mt. Princeton trailhead, staying to the right at a fork just beyond the trailhead. This becomes FDR 322.

Trail Description:
A beautiful road winding up the face of Mount Princeton overlooking the Arkansas Valley. The road can be seen easily from the valley floor. The end of the road is on a shoulder of Mt. Princeton at just above timberline. Views are spectacular and a short walk past the end of the road takes you to a chalet open to the public.

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