Cleo is a black six year old spayed female Labrador Retriever. She weighs about 65 pounds, and was the runt of the litter. Her build is small and lean. Cleo came home to me in July of 1993 after my first lab Oval, a Chocolate, was sadly run over by an automobile on Interstate 5 in Portland, Oregon where we live. She was trying to find her way back to our old house.(I had just moved)

As a puppy Cleo, was very good. She had her regular puppy side (chewing, pooping in the house, yadda, yadda, yadda ) BUT, for the most part she was an easy pup. I think that was due to the fact that she was my second dog. I was no longer a novice. Cleo is the type of lab who is quite serious: whether she is playing ball or going for a swim. She is one of the best labs I have seen swim. She is so strong I seldom worry about her along rivers. The only problem is that Rufus likes to follow her. Once she swam so hard that she got "rudder tail"! This is a condition that occurs when labs over use there tail to steer while swimming and strains those muscles. It lasts for a days and is very sore.

Cleo means business. She is always playing the motherly type. This is due I think to her age and experience. She is truly the "Alpha" dog. She looks after Rufus and does not let him get out of line.

Cleo has a very friendly personality. She will wag her tail so hard that her whole body will wiggle back and forth. Most of the people that know her call her "the wiggler" or "Queen Cleo".

Cleo has traveled extensively, going between California. and Washington State too many times to count. She has even traveled coast to coast four times. Twice in a Land Rover, of course! Cleo has friends in Telluride, CO and Montana that she loves to visit. One of her most favorite spots is White Salmon, WA. where her master's cousin, Heidi, has a neat house out in the country. Now that's a story we will have to tell you later about Rufus as a puppy and how he got lost!!

On our travels Cleo is certainly the "master" of the backseat unless it is just the three of us, then she always get the front. She is a wonderful traveling companion.