Andrew has always been involved with education in some aspect or another.

Jim (his father) who is also on the B2B Education Team has been the reason why Andrew got involved in education. As a child, he always wanted to know what was going on in the school that his father was working at. As soon as he was old enough he went to help either coaching or filling in for a teacher at the last minute.

When it was time for Andrew to declare his major in college well, no surprise that he choose Education. Andrew currently works as an independent contractor for the Multnomah County Juvenile Court (gang unit) and Services to Children and Families. His job is one of wearing many different hats. Most of the clients that he works with are minorities with a troubled childhood and are either on probation or parole.

Previous job experience that Andrew had relating to education was with the Morrison Center-Breakthrough Program. A residential drug and alcohol treatment center that serves judicated youth. Andrew was the Educational Coordinator in charge of running the alternative school and recreation program.

Typically, clients are referred through probation or parole officers.
However, there are also those students who approach him while he is working with someone else at their school. Most of the work is done on-site at the schools or group homes. He follows his clients to court or lock up if

The daily routine often includes meeting with his clients in 1-2 hours
individual sessions. During that time either they work on assignments, arrange school schedules, meet with teachers or administrators and discuss any problems relating to the student’s education. He is an integral link between The Juvenile Court System and The Public Schools.

Another important part of Andrew’s life is his two Labrador Retrievers:
Cleo and Rufus.(learn about them elsewhere on the EDU site) Most of what he does for fun and recreation revolves around the pups. He enjoys camping, kayaking, hiking, Mt. biking and sailing - just about anything that takes place outdoors! Oh...and OF COURSE four wheeling in his Land Rover D-90.

Andrew is a member of the local American Red Cross where he is an active
member of a Disaster Action Team. He is regularly called out to provide assistance if there is a fire or other type disaster requiring Red Cross help. Other hobbies include: art, computers (Mac only please) and music. He is an avid “Deadhead” who has attended somewhere over the 140+ mark of Grateful Dead Concerts. He collects live tapes of concerts and has in his eclectic collection anything from Nancy Griffith to Bob Marley and everything in between!