Cook Islands Adventure

March '12: Jim's trip to St. Lucia with Global Volunteers

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December '09: New Team Member! See our latest recruit!

Spring '09: American Trips
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Series Truck for Sale: Yes, we're letting a 'family member' go to some lucky Land Rover fan. Click for details.

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June 1-7, 2008: Jim finds adventure once again! He will be serving on the medical support team for AIDS / Lifecycle 7: "The ride doesn't end until AIDS does". More details at

January '07: Jim's trip to Cherbourg, Australia.

Team LAB-RVR completed its month long journey to the far reaches of the Canadian North, the Arctic and the Alaskan Wilderness. You can still read about their trip, where they went, what they saw, and the equipment that took them there by browsing the various sections of this site. (Don't forget to bookmark this site and return to find out about New and Upcoming treks!)

Team LAB-RVR kicked off their educational component on September 4th, 1999, at the Portland All British Field Meet for the America to Alaska leg of the journey.

Broadcasting LIVE via ham radio and satellite telephone, Team LAB-RVR was in daily contact with schools, ham radio operators, and our official radio station, 107.7 WMDI FM in Bar Harbor, Maine, supplying updates to station owner and DJ Scott "Boss" Hogg. Check out the daily reports, photos from the field, 360 degree ParaShot™ images, and live radio interviews from each day of the Trek. These trek updates were brought to you thanks to our generous expedition sponsors! Please take a moment to visit their sites and learn more about their products.

The exciting educational components that were developed for the Trek can still be visited in "Rufus & Cleo's Playhouse." There are a number of classroom activities posted, ranging from simple "Hot Lists" to more extensive "Web Quests" which complemented the teams Arctic journey. A number of schools and teachers are still enjoying them, so go for it!

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